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About Us

While visiting Kaua’i to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 1999, we said, “Wouldn’t it be great, when we retire, if we could live half of the time on one of the Hawaiian Islands, and half the time on the Central Coast of California?” At the time, it was just a dream, but when you combine a dream with a plan, it becomes a goal! Now that we have reached that goal, we want to share it with you. We want our place to bring enjoyment and create memories year round—not just when we’re here.


We decided we had to do research to decide which island would become our future home. After visiting the 4 largest islands of the state a total of 20+ times over the last 15 years, it became obvious we loved Kaua’i more than the others. That much research wasn’t easy for two public school educators to afford, but we learned how to squeeze the most out of a nickel on every trip. That is to your advantage! We’ve been to some of the more expensive places to eat, and we’ve priced some of the expensive excursions. We can help you plan your trip of a lifetime. Or, if you want to be able to afford to come back again and again, we can help you do that, too!

After a few trips to the islands, we realized we didn’t need most of the clothes we packed. We also realized that it was a hassle to drag things from the mainland that we could rent or purchase here for a few dollars. We stayed in some places that supplied a few of these things, like beach chairs and snorkel gear, that we would have had to rent or purchase, and we really appreciated it. Often, if the place where we were staying didn’t have something we needed, we just purchased it, used it, and left it for the next guest. It was easier than hauling it home.


When we decided it was time to buy our own place, we wanted a condo where we could store all the things that we and our friends and guests might want. But instead of the inexpensive things we would purchase just to get us through a week-long vacation, we wanted to get things that would last for a while. Above all, we wanted someplace where we could pack light, and arrive to a fully-stocked home. The Po’ipu Retreat is such a place. We hope you will feel the same.