Home Base for Your Adventure in Paradise!

We Give You a License to Chill!


Pack Light!

This is not your average vacation condo. This is our home. And it's your home when you're there. After 20+ vacation trips to the islands, with a dozen of them to Kaua'i, we grew tired of hauling everything we thought we might need with us. So when we retired here, we stocked the condo with most everything you'll need. Check out our Amenities page. If what you need is not there, ask, and we just might add it.


Barbeque Area

We realize you might want to stay in a condo to save some money by occasionally fixing your own meals. The Makahuena complex has a full BBQ area with two gas grills, with plenty of room to prepare your feast to take back to the condo. The BBQ pit is located off the tennis courts, just a short walk from the unit. (Helpful hint: Bring your food, dishes and a drink with you. It feels like a long walk back to the condo if you’ve forgotten anything!)


Beach Gear

Our master bedroom closet is a treasure trove of toys for all your activities. We’ve included everything we could think of for a great day at the beach—and you’re close to some of the best beaches in Hawai’i! We have a rolling ice chest, cooler bags, and food containers for a picnic. We have a beach umbrella, bamboo mats, and a beach shelter. There are shovels and buckets, and other beach toys for the kids. We have six boogie/body boards—one of them has a viewing porthole for those of us satisfied with watching the sea life without going under the water. For you adventurous sorts, we have plenty of snorkel gear, and your choice of fins or reef shoes. We have swimmies for the little ones, beach towels, pool towels, and a couple of super noodles for anyone needing a little more buoyancy in the ocean or the pool. There are four backpack beach chairs. For those of us who have a hard time getting up out of a beach chair, we have two taller camping chairs.



Along with the sunrises and sunsets, you have a front row seat to see the whales, dolphins, and sea turtles make their way along the southern Kaua’i coast. We’ve included binoculars in the master bedroom closet to help you spot the stars of the show a little more closely. Head out of the condo toward the ocean with one of our beach chairs, or relax and watch the whales from the built-in benches at the Point.


Brita Pitcher

Kaua’i has good water. There’s no need to haul in bottled water by the case. We are doing our part to cut down on the number of plastic bottles littering the island and ocean by having a Brita pitcher with a fresh filter, all ready for you in the refrigerator.


Coffee Makers

For coffee drinkers, we give you multiple options. We have a drip coffee maker, a Keurig (Pick up some K-cups in your favorite flavors.), an espresso machine, and a coffee grinder (Try some freshly ground whole bean Kaua’i or Kona blend coffee.). If none of this suits you, there is a Starbuck’s just a short drive down the road.


Golf Clubs

Whether you’re a casual golfer or on the island primarily to hit the links, you’re in luck, as Kaua’i boasts some of the best golf courses in Hawai’i. If you’re an avid duffer, your own golf clubs probably improve your score. For those of you with high handicaps (like me), or who only play occasionally, our clubs will suit you just fine. We have two men’s sets and a lady’s set. (Hint: The lady’s set is not marked “for ladies only,” and could probably be used by a man without anyone noticing.) I picked up an extra bag, and there are plenty of clubs to create enough sets for a foursome. I bought a few dozen used golf balls at a yard sale, so you don’t have to go out and buy any. I left a pair of golf shoes, also. If they fit, you are welcome to use them.


Guest Bedroom Closet

Besides hangers, and room to hang your clothes, the guest bedroom closet contains the ironing board, a step ladder, a box fan, folding luggage stand, and plenty of extra linens.


Internet and Work Space

We realize that it may not be possible to completely lose touch with the mainland while you’re on Kaua’i, so our unit comes with free wireless Internet and a desk where you can get some work done, handle conference calls, and ensure the staff stays in line while you hit the beach. We have a new wireless router, but should you have any trouble connecting via wireless, you can utilize the provided internet cable and work in a connected environment. We also have a wireless printer to enable you to check in early and print out your boarding passes when the sad day of your departure arrives.


Laundry Closet

The condo comes with a washer and dryer (with detergent provided for you), as well as an iron and ironing board. The washer/dryer are located in the closet outside of the guest bedroom. The iron is on the shelf above the dryer. The ironing board is in the guest bedroom closet.


Living Room

Sometimes, relaxing means an afternoon in front of the TV or reading a good book. The living room area comes equipped with the following: Cable TV, DVD player, a selection of DVDs, exercise videos (yoga mats are in one of the ottomans), a stereo, a collection of music CDs, an IPod dock, a selection of paperbacks (many left by previous guests, so no guarantees), and some of our favorite books on Kaua’i and Hawai’i.


Master Bedroom Closet

The master bedroom closet is our treasure trove of toys to enhance your vacation! In addition to the beach gear and golf clubs mentioned above, we have:

•Children’s pack-and-play crib/playpen  •Backpack baby carrier  •Folding hand truck for hauling things to the parking lot and back  •Step stool  •Tennis racquets and balls  •Extra sets of linens and blankets  •Net clothes hamper  •Lobby broom for use out on the lana’i to brush sand off people and things.

And you still have plenty of room to hang your clothes on the hangers provided.


Free Parking

There are usually plenty of spaces in the free parking lot, so you won’t have to walk far to bring in your groceries, your golf clubs, or your fresh catch from the sea! There are no reserved spaces in the complex, aside from the handicapped parking spots.


Pool, Sun Deck, and Jet Spa

Not far from the condo is the complex’s pool and jet spa. It’s a nice sized pool that is rarely busy. There are plenty of chairs to use while you enjoy the view, and watch the sun slowly move from your left to your right. We’ve provided plenty of towels and toys to make your visit to the pool more enjoyable.



The cell phone coverage in our condo is somewhat spotty. You might find a magic spot or two, where your phone will be able to receive calls. However, if you pick up your phone to talk, the call might get dropped. To help you out, we have upgraded our landline to allow calls to and from the U.S., U.S. Territories, and Canada. The phone has two wireless handsets, so they can be carried around the condo with you (just like a cell phone).


Tennis Court

Located in the middle of the parking lot, the tennis court is lighted at night. During busy season, you often need to reserve a time on the court. There’s a sign-up sheet at the court that will secure your time. Racquets and tennis balls (including youth sizes) are available in the master bedroom closet.


Luxuriously Soft Bamboo Sheets and Towels

What better way to end a day in paradise than by taking a cool shower, drying off with luxuriously soft bamboo towels, and wrapping yourself in cool bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets and towels are said to be twice as soft as cotton. Drift off to sleep, listening to the crashing waves, and dreaming of your next day of adventure!